About Jay

Jason Measures is a writer, illustrator and graphic designer.

After graduating in June 1999 in design, photography, illustration and multi-media, Jay undertook the role of a Creative at Beresfords Design/Appetite Design Consultancy in Oxford Circus. A twenty strong team specializing in brand identity, corporate communications and brand packaging. 

He then moved to work at Owen Dwelly design in February 2003. ODd consisted of a small team and huge brands. From global footwear advertising and branding for Lacoste to literature and promotional materials for Absolute Vodka, The Savoy Grill and The Greater London Authority.

In January 2008 he relocated to Cambodia and freelanced for a variety of NGO’s such as BBC Media Action. One of his primary roles during this time was creating the design and brand strategy that helped to launch a country-wide anti-trafficking campaign for USAID and The Asia Foundation.

In June 2008 Jay returned to the UK and founded Deadline Creative Limited which works extensively with a variety of national and international brands. One of Deadline’s primary clients is The Prince’s Trust. Jay currently works on all of their advertising, promotional and fundraising materials as well as many other areas covered within the charity. Recently he has started working with Marie Curie Cancer Care, eBay, Mind, British Airways and the Jane Goodall Institute. 

In 2009, Jay presented concepts for an advertising campaign to Mubadala in Abu Dhabi. Global brand work followed as well as various advertising campaigns throughout the United Arab Emirates for Ferrari. 

Jay was also part of the volunteer focus group involved in the development of the New Design Museum which opened in Kensington in 2016.

As well as all of this, he launched Counter Measures in early 2020. This is a YouTube channel that discusses the influence of design and illustration within popular media. The channel also looks at historical influences within the creative industry, as well as reviewing films and games from a design perspective. 

Jay also hosts a podcast called ‘Creative Lockdown’ which interviews artistic professionals and discusses their own creative journeys.

Towards the end of 2020, Jay co-created the bi-monthly comic Pugs in Space with Tim Southwell (of Loaded, The Beano and Golf Punk magazine fame). They ran a successful Kickstarter to launch the first issue and have had praise from the likes of Frank Skinner and Nick Frost who have helped support this project. In February 2021 they were proud to announce a collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital. GOSH receives a donation from the sale of each issue (and the Pugs in Space merchandise) and they are now in talks to distribute this book nationally.

October 2021 was the launch date for the Danger Mouse 40th Anniversary Book. Jay illustrated and designed the 84 page bookazine and also contributed towards the writing.

The Call of the Sea and Skipper Whiskers are two new comic book titles that Jay is the writer/artist on (Published by Jackrabbit Comics). They are both releasing their first issues at the end of 2022. 

He currently lives in South London with his wife and kids. He also has a cat that likes to sleep on his pillow and constantly reminds him who is the boss.